How to Follow Up Network Marketing

How to Follow up Network Marketing. Fortune is in your follow up when it comes to network marketing. If you are not following up with prospects regularly in network marketing you may not see success.A question I often get asked is “How do I follow up with my mlm leads?” Another question I’m often asked is “How many times should I follow up with my network marketing prospects?” In this video I answer your questions.

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Effective follow up in network marketing is essential to the survival of your business. 80% of network marketing sign ups happen on the 5th contact. So why do most network marketers not follow up?

1) You don’t want to be pushy
2) You forget to follow up with prospects
3) You don’t know how

Why should you as the network marketer follow up?

1) People are busy
2) People need to heard from you on average of 5-7 times
3) You’re leaving money on the table

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