Tips to Ensure Effective Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Recently, at a gathering of social media experts, I was asked about how to effectively optimize a website for social media platforms. It has always been an interesting topic for me, as I have been a social media consultant myself for 5 years now. So, I shared my thoughts with the other experts about what I felt was important, for effective social media marketing.

Today I just wanted to share some tips with you, which you guys can utilize for effective social media marketing to ensure more organic traffic and a stable readership on your website. Let’s see, what the rules for an effective social media marketing strategy are…

– Connect your Website with your Facebook page

If you are a webmaster, probably you have already done it. But just in case you haven’t, it’s high time you did so. Connecting your website to your social media page will help you promote your website effectively on the social platform and generate substantial traffic and readership for your blog/website. It has become an integral part of online marketing and every major or upcoming websites are using it every day as a part of their SMM strategy to make their presence felt across the internet.

– Update your Twitter account on a regular basis

Updating your Website’s Twitter account on a regular basis ensures more Twitter followers, who double up as website visitors and will get your word across about the latest happenings in your company. Twitter is a great way to generate traffic and tap in to the SMO frenzy. So make sure that the Twitter account associated with your website is alive and kicking.

– Make use of social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a great way of letting people know about your website and lets the visitors to your website promote your website on sites like Digg, Reddit and the likes. It is an amazing SMM technique, and anyone who is new to this SMO fad, should make use of this technique, if they are not doing so already.

Getting people to flock on your website requires more than mere search engine optimization these days.

And SMO is a sure-shot way of generating organic traffic, consisting of people who are really interested in your services. Just remember: websites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are your friends and you should start using them for more than just finding old friends.

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Stay blessed!

Source by Venus Kumar Vij

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